Introducing your personnel service provider based in Bempflingen and Filderstadt

We are a modern and innovative personnel service company that has been specialising in skilled personnel leasing for over 15 years. With us, the focus is just as much on the individual looking for a new job as it is on the company looking for qualified specialists. This means that we are very familiar with both the skills of our employees and the requirements of employers. In order to be able to offer both sides optimum service at all times, we also rely on controlled and comprehensive quality management. Among other things, this gives us the opportunity to react quickly to changing needs.

With us you can expect a strong team

Behind Personalexpress KG is a strong team that stands out for its experience, expertise and commitment. Our employees have practical experience in numerous branches: from the trained office clerk to the toolmaker to the graduate engineer. So we know from our own experience how the wind blows and what challenges both employees and employers have to cope with nowadays. So instead of pure theory, our focus is on real-world know-how. At the same time, aspects such as humanity, respect and tolerance play a major role for us – and it is precisely this combination that makes us so strong!

Bettina Schippers

Managing Director
Trained legal and notary assistant

Ralph Schippers

Management, sales and marketing
Trained banker

Andrea Schumacher

Administration/back office
Trained bank clerk

Jürgen Schumacher

Occupational safety specialist
Trained master mechanic

Silvia Riecken

Recruitment, personnel placement
Qualified graduate engineer

Stephan Mülverstedt

Personnel scheduling, personnel placement
Trained tool mechanic and wholesale and export merchant

Silke Mülverstedt

Personnel dispatcher, personnel placement in the field of geriatric care and nursing staff
Qualified educator and office clerk

Marc Schippers

Personnel service clerk

As a recruitment agency we consistently focus on quality

When you, as an employer, advertise job vacancies for your company in Filderstadt, Bempflingen or Stuttgart, you want to make sure that only qualified and highly trained professionals work for your company. We can well understand that! That is why our employees regularly take part in a wide range of training and further education courses. These training courses ensure that they are always up to date with the latest knowledge and skills and are able to perform their duties in the best possible way.

Stellenangebote, Jobs, Karriere - Personalexpress KG - Filderstadt, Stuttgart
Qualitätskontrolle, Jobs, Karriere - Personalexpress KG - Filderstadt, Stuttgart

We use individual surveys for quality control

We conduct surveys among our customers at regular intervals. These provide us, as a recruitment agency, with information about whether our customers are satisfied with the quality and performance of the skilled staff. It also gives us the opportunity to adapt and expand our pool of employees to meet the ever-changing needs of companies.

We take our responsibility seriously

Conversely, as a recruitment agency, we offer a secure future to skilled workers looking for work. You no longer have to worry about the coming weeks, months or even years, but enjoy all the benefits of a varied and attractive permanent position. The different tasks and working conditions at the respective locations are also the perfect opportunity to gain experience and broaden your professional horizons. Thanks to our excellent contacts in the business world, we will find the job vacancies that suit you: in Filderstadt, Weiden, Stuttgart or another region. If you have any questions, our friendly and competent team will be happy to help you at any time.

Verantwortung, Jobs, Karriere - Personalexpress KG - Filderstadt, Stuttgart
Spezialisierung, Jobs, Karriere - Personalexpress KG - Filderstadt, Stuttgart

Our specialisation in selected business areas

You’ve surely noticed: Our recruitment agency in Filderstadt and Bempflingen specialises in selected sectors and business areas. For example, you will find job offers for painters and drywall builders, locksmiths and lathe operators as well as for plumbers and forwarding agents. Thanks to this specialisation in certain areas, we can provide you with practically tailor-made personnel solutions, with employees who are very versatile and quickly make themselves indispensable. This results in a classic win-win situation from which all sides benefit: employers and employees.